Do you ever simply just survive your mama days? You wonder how you made it out in one piece? You did your best, gave your all, and yet, it still didn’t feel like enough? You strive to do all the things and have the most fun with the tiny humans you brought into this world, and you still stumbled all over the place. You got angry. You expected too much. You yelled. You did the things you said you would never do. In your mama eyes, you failed. In your (way too hard on yourself) mind, you didn’t do enough.

Now, your tiny humans are finally in bed sleeping, after twelve thousand books, a million “huggies,” and twice that many kisses. Do you ever wonder if you made a difference? Do you worry that you’ve somehow ruined the little lives you have such an impact on, day in and day out? I know I do. My mama brain runs a million miles an hour, recounting my day, looking for ways I could have done better, things I would change.

But here recently I got to thinking....what if I just pick one thing, and try to make that change? I find myself thinking about what I want my girls to...


So, let's talk New Years resolutions.

Every year I feel like I'm SERIOUS about my resolutions, but this year I'm for real. OBEDIENCE. To finances, to my health, to sticking to a routine.

Here's the deal: FIT4MOM's BodyBack program has partnered with a local clean eats veggie delivery company, Weekly Fig, to give YOU an opportunity to crush those New Years resolutions.

Let me back up for a minute and isn't just about a resolution, this is a lifestyle change... for YOU and only you.

It starts with an 8 week program where you will be partnered with other super cool mama's who have the same goals as you. You will have coaches to hold you accountable and push you to meet your goals. You will have meal plans and assessments before and after the 8 week program. You will get fresh veggies delivered to you from Weekly Fig that match the menu plan (cooking made easy!).

We all know.. it's not just working out that creates the results. I know this first hand...

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A part of the day that I have truly begun to treasure: pillow talk with my 3 year old. Last night she proceeded to tell me everything she wanted for Christmas… a Doc Mcstuffins baby, play doh food for the baby, and a surgery kit with tools. She explained to me that she will probably get shy when she meets Santa, BUT if she thinks about princesses and ballerinas she won't be shy anymore. And off she falls into a deep sleep until morning.

How did she do that? How did she just sweetly and soundly PASS OUT thinking of princesses and ballerinas?

Here's what my bedtime routine is like: all the essential oils, an hour of saying “please turn your brain off” to myself in my head, and then the baby screaming because he lost his paci. I can't turn it off. EVER.

Finally around eleven I will doze off to be woken again startled, “WHAT DO I HAVE FOR LOLA’S LUNCH TOMORROW?!” “Don't forget to call Katie to tell her Happy birthday…at eight she knows JUST how special she is.” “Dear God, please be with Maggie as she has her follow up doctors appointment tomorrow.” “Do they...

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Ugh, my house is TRASHED.

The dishes are piled… fruit flies are even setting up shop in my kitchen. The laundry is out-of-control, how do little people make so much laundry? Come over, friends, but please don't use the bathroom, you're cool with popping a squat right?

My job title is “stay at home mom” or “house wife” and sometimes I feel like if this were corporate America I would have been fired months ago. Somedays I don't even show up, I find no one to cover my shift, I just don't show. You wanna know why? Because i'm straight up MOMMED OUT.

How ungrateful of me, right? It took me years to get pregnant. I prayed for these little germ carrying cuties… begged for them. Maybe i'm just too hard to please, maybe I want to have my cake and eat it too. I could totally rock this job with a nanny… or just a mothers helper. A chef. Cleaning lady. You get the picture.

I'm just tired. Tired from lack of sleep (3 years), tired of disciplining, my left arm is tired from years of baby holding, my skin even looks tired.

With Thanksgiving right around the...

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