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As moms, feeling stuck is a pretty normal and relatable feeling. We are all on our own little islands in our homes, longing for something that we sometimes can't even pinpoint. We know it has something to do with depth, meaning, connection, and to simply feel fully alive!

I remember feeling stranded when my first child was born. People would come to visit, and I even had family in town, but I still felt lonely, trapped, and...


There are several memes going around joking about how SAHM’s are prepared to be quarantined with their kiddos. I do understand the humor in that, but I also want to share some “math” to explain what it’s really like being a SAHM.

On average my kid sleeps 12 hours at night and takes a 2-3 hour nap during the afternoon, this leaves me with 9 waking hours to fill on a daily basis. We typically spend ONE morning a week at home, just so I...


When I look at You…

When I look at you standing there curling your hair on a Saturday night, getting ready for a date night, you are not yet dressed and not yet covered up. I can’t help but think “WOW, look at YOU, you look incredible!” Five pregnancies in eight years: three babies...three beautiful thriving babies, two losses...two sweet souls who will never join you here on earth. In eight years thats a total of 2 years and 11 months...


When you are expecting your first child, there are plenty of things other people tell you to expect. They tell you about it going so fast, the lack of sleep, the intense feelings of joy, and everything in between. And while it’s all in the spirit of sharing, there’s so much you aren’t told.

Some days you will feel lonely…and lost…and possibly even sad.

That’s right. And if you are me, feeling this way will create an even more...

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A little bit about me: I am Alison, wife of Jonathan, mother of Hannah (4) and Thomas (1), former high school English teacher and current high school tutor. I am originally from Atlanta, but we have lived in the North Shore area of Chattanooga for a few years. In between Atlanta and Chattanooga, I lived in NC (college), Belgium, VT (grad school) and DC, and before we got married, my husband lived for 10 years in a Volkswagen Westfalia while...

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The month of January is finally behind us, y’all. We are SO excited to move into February by sharing love & introducing our 1st ever Valentine gift guides! What makes these so special, is that each business included is locally owned! We love supporting our community & think we have so many cool things to offer!


Do you ever simply just survive your mama days? You wonder how you made it out in one piece? You did your best, gave your all, and yet, it still didn’t feel like enough? You strive to do all the things and have the most fun with the tiny humans you brought into this world, and you still stumbled all over the place. You got angry. You expected too much. You yelled. You did the things you said you would never do. In your mama eyes, you failed....


So, let's talk New Years resolutions.

Every year I feel like I'm SERIOUS about my resolutions, but this year I'm for real. OBEDIENCE. To finances, to my health, to sticking to a routine.

Here's the deal: FIT4MOM's BodyBack program has partnered with a local clean eats veggie delivery company, Weekly Fig, to give YOU an opportunity to crush those New Years resolutions.

Let me back...


A part of the day that I have truly begun to treasure: pillow talk with my 3 year old. Last night she proceeded to tell me everything she wanted for Christmas… a Doc Mcstuffins baby, play doh food for the baby, and a surgery kit with tools. She explained to me that she will probably get shy when she meets Santa, BUT if she thinks about princesses and ballerinas she won't be shy anymore. And off she falls into a deep sleep until...


Ugh, my house is TRASHED.

The dishes are piled… fruit flies are even setting up shop in my kitchen. The laundry is out-of-control, how do little people make so much laundry? Come over, friends, but please don't use the bathroom, you're cool with popping a squat right?

My job title is “stay at home mom” or “house wife” and sometimes I feel like if this were corporate America I would have been fired months ago. Somedays I don't even...