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New Year, New Goals. Same Heart, Same You.

So, let's talk New Years resolutions.

Every year I feel like I'm SERIOUS about my resolutions, but this year I'm for real. OBEDIENCE. To finances, to my health, to sticking to a routine.

Here's the deal: FIT4MOM's BodyBack program has partnered with a local clean eats veggie delivery company, Weekly Fig, to give YOU an opportunity to crush those New Years resolutions.

Let me back up for a minute and say...it isn't just about a resolution, this is a lifestyle change... for YOU and only you.

It starts with an 8 week program where you will be partnered with other super cool mama's who have the same goals as you. You will have coaches to hold you accountable and push you to meet your goals. You will have meal plans and assessments before and after the 8 week program. You will get fresh veggies delivered to you from Weekly Fig that match the menu plan (cooking made easy!).

We all know.. it's not just working out that creates the results. I know this first hand (carb overloader here). The fuel that your body gets is everything. Weekly Fig will send you food In season from our local farms...the cleanest produce supporting our community farmers. Weekly Fig has created a special 9 week fruit and veggie grocery delivery plan custom tailored to our Body Back Meal Plan and Recipe Guide! Simply create an account (http://www.weeklyfig.com/), pick your veggie basket size and use code: BODYBACK1/2018. Deliveries will start on 1/17 and end end on 3/14 at the conclusion of the 8 week Body Back Transformation Session.

This year, we're setting you up for success. Come one, come all....LETS DO THIS 2018. 🥂

To learn more visit us at: https://chattanooga.fit4mom.com/our-programs/body-back-free-preview-class

Weekly Fig: http://www.weeklyfig.com/ January Body Back Clients use discount code: BODYBACK1/2018 to sign up for an 8 week Weekly Fig delivery custom tailored to your Body Back Meal Plan!