The Woman in #AlltheHats

A part of the day that I have truly begun to treasure: pillow talk with my 3 year old. Last night she proceeded to tell me everything she wanted for Christmas… a Doc Mcstuffins baby, play doh food for the baby, and a surgery kit with tools. She explained to me that she will probably get shy when she meets Santa, BUT if she thinks about princesses and ballerinas she won't be shy anymore. And off she falls into a deep sleep until morning.

How did she do that? How did she just sweetly and soundly PASS OUT thinking of princesses and ballerinas?

Here's what my bedtime routine is like: all the essential oils, an hour of saying “please turn your brain off” to myself in my head, and then the baby screaming because he lost his paci. I can't turn it off. EVER.

Finally around eleven I will doze off to be woken again startled, “WHAT DO I HAVE FOR LOLA’S LUNCH TOMORROW?!” “Don't forget to call Katie to tell her Happy birthday…at eight a.m.so she knows JUST how special she is.” “Dear God, please be with Maggie as she has her follow up doctors appointment tomorrow.” “Do they REALLY think my broccoli casserole will taste anything like Grandma Marilyn's? What gives it that ‘umph!? Garlic… crispy onions?” “Tomorrow is hubby’s big meeting, I need the right words to let him know how proud I am of him. Make it a top priority to be loving and supportive …maybe a little note in his lunch.”

Wanna know why you're always tired? Because mom brain NEVER stops.

Why do we feel that we have to be everything to everyone? That is so much pressure that we put on ourselves. Isn't it ok to only handle what you possibly can and leave the rest?

Yes. It’s 100% ok.

There is NO POSSIBLE way that you can:

1).Take your child to school at 9:00 am

2).Have breakfast with your friend struggling with infertility at 9:30 am

3). Get the baby home for his 9:30 am nap.

4).Keep that promise to run with your buddy at 10:00 am.

5). Meet mom for her follow up ortho appointment at 10:30 am.

Like… NO WAY.

It isn’t humanly possible. You try to squeeze in that conference call in the middle… WHY? Why do we do this to ourselves? It IS important to be a good wife, a good mother, a good friend, a good daughter, a good employee, a good workout buddy or accountability partner… they’re all super important. But they’re also impossible when you try to do them all at once. Isn’t it ok to accept the fact that maybe you don’t have to wear ALL the hats today? Maybe we can just focus on doing what we can today. Stop trying to be who you THINK you should be and accept who you ARE. Easier said than done, right?

The bottom line is this: if your tank is empty, you have nothing to give. TRUTH. The airplane manufacturers had it right when they so graciously explained, “ incase of an emergency, place your oxygen mask over your face first, then, and only then… help the person next to you.”

TAKE OFF ALL THE HATS. Nobody wears more than one anyways… that would look crazy. Today try on ONE and when your ready to move on, switch it out. Know… even in one hat- you are enough. Sleep deprived, whipping out the paper plates for Thanksgiving, and even if you forget the sweet lunch note . You're perfect just like that. Your husband wanted YOU, those babies love YOU, your friends are forever grateful for YOU. Mama, you are perfectly imperfect and that's why so many people love you so big.

Treat yourself, girlfriend.

Fill your tank… take an extra long bubble bath (add the wine and essential oils).

You’re killin’ it girl.


Mama of two wild things and a sweet slobbery bulldog. Lover of strong coffee, red wine, and all things music. Living the good life in the Tennessee mountains and slowly but surely breathing it all in.