Thankfully, me.

Ugh, my house is TRASHED.

The dishes are piled… fruit flies are even setting up shop in my kitchen. The laundry is out-of-control, how do little people make so much laundry? Come over, friends, but please don't use the bathroom, you're cool with popping a squat right?

My job title is “stay at home mom” or “house wife” and sometimes I feel like if this were corporate America I would have been fired months ago. Somedays I don't even show up, I find no one to cover my shift, I just don't show. You wanna know why? Because i'm straight up MOMMED OUT.

How ungrateful of me, right? It took me years to get pregnant. I prayed for these little germ carrying cuties… begged for them. Maybe i'm just too hard to please, maybe I want to have my cake and eat it too. I could totally rock this job with a nanny… or just a mothers helper. A chef. Cleaning lady. You get the picture.

I'm just tired. Tired from lack of sleep (3 years), tired of disciplining, my left arm is tired from years of baby holding, my skin even looks tired.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I always try to stop and think about all that i'm thankful for. Like REALLY think, what makes this mama heart smile?

1. Morning snuggles… sick snuggles… nakey baby snuggles.

2. Being needed.

3. The amount of love I have the ability to give and more than that the crazy amount of love I am given on a daily basis. Thank you God for the amount of love I get by the minute.

4. The fact that my heart always feels full but keeps making room for more. (How does it do that?!)

More than all of those I am beyond thankful that I am living out my DREAM. My purpose is defined and i'm DOIN’ it. Y'all, I was chosen for this role and for these precious little humans and they were chosen for me and were making this life happen together.

It's not always easy, but…..man, those easy moments make the hard ones totally worthwhile. And the truth is this, we were never told any of this would be easy. Momming is crazy hard, but it's MINE. It's the sweet, precious, gift I was given. For that I am FOREVER grateful. This November, I challenge you to make a list of the things you're thankful for, mama. And on those days that you truly want to crawl into a hole and hide, you are not alone.



Mama of two wild things and a sweet slobbery bulldog. Lover of strong coffee, red wine, and all things music. Living the good life in the Tennessee mountains and slowly but surely breathing it all in.