Body Back Mini Session

Body Back Transformation VIRTUAL MAY MINI SESSION kicks off Monday, May 18th!

This 4-week virtual small-group format Body Back Mini Session will keep you accountable to your workouts and making healthier food choices. You'll choose a session that meets live (but virtual) for two workouts each week, plus one 30-min connection chat each week. You'll set a goal and help each other reach that goal during these four weeks. Big and small changes can happen in only 4 weeks if you're committed and supported by an encouraging instructor and other women who are reaching for goals too!

Food journals will be reviewed by your instructor two times each week. Traditional Body Back meal plans will not be followed, but healthy food choices will be encouraged.

COST: $109 for 4 weeks

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CURRENT Members, COST: $89 for 4 weeks
Sign up with a friend and save $20!

Weekly HIIT Workouts:
Mon/Thurs Evenings at 7pm on Zoom
All Workouts are recorded for later use

Changes - both big & small - can happen in 4 weeks!

Let's get ready for summer together!

Thursday – May 28, 2020

Body Back Mini Session