Sara Hendley

Hello! I'm Sara Hendley. I am PUMPED to be a part of the FIT4MOM movement! I was born in Minnesota and moved to Atlanta for high school and college. I attended the University of Georgia and studied Kinesiology. I met my husband second semester of Freshman year! We got married while I finished my Master's in Kinesiology and lived near Athens, Georgia.

In January 2016, Justin took a job in Chattanooga AND we found out we were pregnant with our son Jack! Moving away from friends and family while pregnant was tough!! After Jack was born I googled "mom fitness Chattanooga", discovered FIT4MOM and have been hooked ever since! After 10 years in the fitness industry, I have the fitness part down but I need help with the mom stuff! FIT4MOM has saved me in so many ways! I love being able to keep Jack with me while I get a great workout AND I am teaching him to exercise regularly and have LOTS of fun while doing it!! I thank God for letting me be a part of this fantastic growing group!!

I hope you join us for class!! If it's not the fitness that you're looking for, you will find something you need with "Our Village"!

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