Leah Bailey

Hi, I'm Leah! I was born and raised in the good old corn fields of Southern Illinois. I'm from a family of 12 siblings. My amazing mother homeschooled all of us! I was blessed to be influenced by her passion to raise a healthy family. I desired that for my own life at a young age of 14. Raising a healthy family was my dream.

When I was 12 I met Nate, my future husband, he was born and raised in Chattanooga, We got married when I was 17. I was meant to raise my family and couldn't wait to get started. We decided to start our family right away. A month an a half after our wedding date, we found out we were pregnant! That same weekend we were headed to Chattanooga for a job interview. Our plans all fell into place quickly, a month later we moved to this amazing city. Nineteen short months after my son was born we welcomed our baby girl into the world!

While being raised in a healthy family and desiring good health for my own family, I was focused only on healthy food choices. I didn't make the healthiest choices during my second pregnancy and I felt terrible the whole time. After she was born, I was eager to get start making better choices and to create good workout habits. I couldn't wait for my six week clearance from my midwife to get started!

I found FIT4MOM through a Facebook post. One of my friends had posted about her first post-baby run and someone commented about FIT4MOM Chattanooga. Desiring to create good workout habits, I thought this would be fun to try. Little did I know how involved I would really be! I just wanted to help in exchange for a discounted membership. When I met with Rachel, she shared her FIT4MOM story. I knew I wanted to be a bigger part of it! I am so blessed to not only be able to get to be a part of this village of amazing people, but to get to be on this team. FIT4MOM has changed my life in so many ways!

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