Emily Harmon

Hey guys, I'm Emily the marketing mama at FIT4MOM Chattanooga. I'm a Chicago born girl that is Chattanooga raised. Let's just say...I love this city. Chattanooga it isn't just home to me... there is something special in the air. Maybe it's the people...or the mountains... maybe the wildflowers

Im the daughter of an FBI agent and I naturally married a marine who also gave me two beautiful babies!

I always knew I was supposed to be a mom... so after spending 9 years in the medical world marketing physicians I decided to start my real career as a mama.

Still something was missing. Camaraderie. I was depressed... in post 2 baby terrible shape... and my anxiety was at an all time high. Fit4mom has given me so much. It has allowed me to work my body, spend time with my kiddos, and build that relationship base for myself and my babies too! I want to give back as much as I can to this amazing organization and also to this city I love! All you Chatt moms, come work out with us and meet these amazing mamas who just GET IT.

Friday – October 20, 2017

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